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What we do

“When you automate a lousy process, you’ll get a lousy automation.” (Pieter Joosten, 2021)

Lean Process Optimisation

Business process make-overs.

Before even speaking of automation or technology, our LEAN specialists guide your processes through a waiste-burning slim down.

Often enough – automation isn’t the answer and when it is, the process will now be tailored to fit in that next robot.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Bring those smiles back.

Allow Robotic Process Automation (and AI) to automate repetitive, mundane tasks.

We understand that saving time and money, increasing customer satisfaction, gaining new valuable insights and welcoming happy, motivated employees might sound to good to be true…but we simply can’t make it any less true than that.

“Hire robots to become human again.” (Jon Springford, 2021)

Low Code App Development

“When demand for innovation is evergrowing, but IT roadmaps are overloading and developers are scarce…
Who you gonna call? Low-Coders!”
(Dion Hummelink, 2021)

Low-Code Apps

Make what you think.

Trust Low-Code to bring more agility to your business by rapidly building and deploying company-, employee- and customer applications.

Quickly answer to customer needs, stay ahead of competition, give business an executing role in digitalisation and relieve pressure on IT.

Business Intelligence

See more. Act faster.

By digitalising your processes an ocean of new data will be made available to you. Make it insightful, personal and actionable to further boost your business and continuously improve your processes.

“The data that surfaces from automation, could be more valuable than the automation itself.” (Michel Emmerik, 2021)

Still discovering? Ready to start up? Looking to scale? Or already maturing into that end-to-end automated organisation?

Wherever you are in your journey, we’ll guide your forward.

How we help

We Advise

Let our consultants guide you through any stage.

We Build

Let our developers build your next automation.

We Train

Let our trainers teach you how to do (some of) it.

We Staff

Hire our experts to join your own projects.

Let’s Make Automation Happen

You can sit around, search, read, scroll and wait for transformation to happen or you can just take that very first simple step today.

“Flow Robotics switches quickly. The ensure that we don´t get lost in everyday issues and know how to translate these into (digital) improvement opportunities.”

Coen Cransveld

Finance Director, Cello

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